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As a freelance camera operator I work with digital cameras to produce images by combining the use of complex technology with creative visual skills. As well as producing images that are in focus, at the right exposure and with the correct colour balance, I make sure that the footage can be used by the editor, by capturing footage at a decent duration and a series of shots that can be used in a narrative sequence in the edit. When on a shoot, my video kit has been tailored to provide me with an array of creative options, which I can apply quickly and efficiently to my work. I am also trained on the most up to date video cameras on market along with a host of camera equipment and techniques. These include camera rigs (dolly/tracking/jib) and location lighting (Tungsten Red Heads/Fluorescent/HMI’s/LED’s).

As a camera operator, I specialise at working on location, where there is likely to be more opportunity for creativity using the environments available. I find that creativity can thrive when presented with challenges as apposed to having all the tools available to you. I am also a camera operator that can work in a lighting studio and on green screen.

I have experience working as part of a team of camera operators filming live events, such as sports, corporate events and live music performances.

I don’t just point and shoot, I work to understand the message behind every sequence, every shot and what the client/director is trying to convey. I give the director options to choose from when planning my shots and can explain the effect each option might have.

When things inevitably go wrong, I have the technical knowledge and ability to identify mechanical and electronic problems with equipment or with the logistics of the production and effectively find solutions to those problems. I take into consideration other factors when planning my shots such as the placement of the boom operator and the blocking of the actors.

You can view my experience as a camera operator here.


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