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I am an enthusiastic, energetic and determined freelance video producer with extensive experience in web video for business and the public sector.

As a video producer, I work to make sure all the elements are in place for the production. I effectively manage all practical aspects of a production and work in partnership with clients to ensure all aspects of a brief from financial to creative are met. I am adept and very experienced at working with clients and an excellent ambassador for video companies. I aim to represent companies to clients and potential customers whilst upholding their values and methods of working.


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I have produced several commercial productions as a video producer and have experience in their treatment and pre-production stages through to production and final delivery. On many occasions, I have been the key client liaison, looking after their expectations and managing the relationship between them and the production team.

I am used to producing multiple videos right across the spectrum from simple and small to complex and large. I understand both the commercial pressures and the creative imperative and ensure that the balance between these elements is always maintained.

I have created client video concepts and estimated time scales, costs and requirements for productions as requested by sales teams. Recommending creative content, editing drafting scripts, working with designers to produce creative concepts, liaising with venues, locations and suppliers as required including: managing budgets, producing cost forecasts, obtaining competitive quotes, generating production documentation (calls sheets, schedules, movement orders, shot logs, health and safety documents, crew and artist briefing packs etc). Scriptwriting for voice-overs and visual descriptions for animations. Discussing the concept, logistics, budgets and timescales with the client. Attending meetings with clients along with members of sales teams to discuss the overall concept and the creative or technical details of their production. I am used to handling multiple stakeholders as a video producer, both from marketing agencies and from their clients, in regards to the feedback and editing of scripts and video edits.


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