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Two guitarists stood against a black backround. One of them is stood by a microphone. Both are waiting to begin playing.


Music videos are now undisputedly the number one marketing tool for an performing artist or band. Being a musician myself, music video production always been an interesting and fun experience. A music video shows viewers your musical style, flair and imagination. In our over populated world of artist, bands and singers sometimes a great song just isn’t enough. Each artist has a distinct tone of their own, and you need a music video that reflects it so you can stand out from the crowd. 

I believe that a great sounding song deserves a great looking music video. Wether you have an idea for your clip or you don’t know where to start, I can help develop your idea, or come up with one myself. As a musician, I know how to visualise the tone of your music and turn them into imagery that will complement the song. I can “see” your music.

As an artist, what matters most is you and your identity. What is it that will help your music video stand out from the crowd and give you the chance to shine? I love producing something that not only intertwines with your music and uses it to power the narrative of the video, but also can reach huge numbers of fans and keeping them connected to your band. I pride myself in being able to work with an artist to come up with the best strategy in order to focus the work towards their target audience, so that inevitably all video projects are as successful as possible.

I love music, and crafting music videos that suit any genre, style or mood. So bring on Rock, Rap and Indie, Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal, Pop, Classical, Dance, and Soul. If you’re interested in making a music video with me, then let’s talk!

You can view other music videos that I have produced here.


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