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Hello! I’m Alex, a freelance videographer based in Birmingham and London, UK. As a camera operator and a director of photography, I create moving images that enhance the story and speak to the target audience.


Professional Videographer operating a Sony FS7 ENG Camera against a city skyline.


I have hundreds of hours of experience working in the film, television, live event and business video industry as a freelance videographer. I am trained on the most up to date video cameras on the market along with a host of filmmaking equipment and cinematic storytelling techniques.

As a freelance videographer, I am a specialist in telling stories and finding the narrative in every shot, every sequence and every video I produce. I find that creativity can thrive when presented with challenges as apposed to having all of the tools available to you. I don’t just point and shoot, I work to understand the message behind every sequence, every shot and what the client/director is trying to convey. I give the director options to choose from when planning my shots and can explain the effect each option might have. I am also a camera operator that can work in a film studio and with green screen productions.

Videography isn’t just about cameras, I have in-depth video editing and colour grading skills using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Speed Grade.

My location in the West Midlands allows to take jobs all over the country as well as the world.  I work as a freelance videographer in addition to offering full video production for businesses.

If you’re looking for an experienced freelance videographer & interested in hiring my video services, feel free to get in touch to discuss your project and my rates. You can view the videos that I have produced here.


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Call me: +44 7379 295 478


Freelance Camera Operator | Freelance Cinematographer | Freelance Video Producer | Freelance Director of Photography | Freelance Video Editor


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