The Production Triangle

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Cost Effective Video Marketing

When you pay for a product or service, you always want the best possible quality for the best value for money, as quickly as possible. The same applies for cost effective video marketing, which is in essence both a product and a service. I provide a service by tailoring your video to suit you and the goals you wish it to achieve. You are then given a product, the video itself.

The decision of what you are going to invest into your video are key to its overall quality. The production triangle is used to explain this. The production triangle is known and recognised internationally as a production model in several industries, including video production.
The three key factors to consider are time it takes to produce the video, the quality of the video and the money it costs to create it. Out of the three factors, two are chosen as an outcome of the project. The remaining option is then ‘sacrificed’ in order to produce the product.
1. If you require cost effective video marketing that is of high quality in a short amount of time then it will cost a larger amount of money to produce. For example in order to deliver the video in a short time frame, extra man power may be required to work on the production of the video so that the footage is turned around quickly. There is also a potential of booking extra editors/storyboard artists and scriptwriters to work on the project over weekends in order to hit the deadline. Equipment may also have to be rented as other in house equipment could potentially already be booked out for other projects. Locations may be more expensive than normal as there would be insufficient time to find a location for the best value for money and located in the right place logistically.
2. If you require cost effective video marketing that is of high quality for a small amount of money then sacrifices will need to be made and it will take more time to produce. For example in order to deliver the video for a small budget but at high quality, it will take more time to plan in terms of the logistics of the shoot in order to keep the costs down. More money can also be saved by sourcing the most cost effective equipment whilst still retaining a high quality standard. Time can also be spent sourcing a relevant location for the video at a low cost. If in order to save money, non-actors may be needed to be used in the shoot, time can be spent on finding a person with high charisma who is not camera shy and very photogenic. If actors are used, they will have more time to rehearse their role and therefore give a better performance in the video.
3. If you require cost effective video marketing in a short amount of time for a small amount of money then the resulting video will be of a low quality. For example, in order to deliver a video quickly the planning of the shoot will be very rushed, corners will have to be cut and mistakes are inevitable going to happen. There will be no time or money for a script or storyboard to be produced which will affect the level of quality of the final video. If actors are used they will not have time to rehearse their lines. There may be no time or money to acquire the necessary equipment for a specifically desired effect in the video.

In an ideal world, you could have an unlimited budget, no deadline and not care about the quality. However when it comes to cost effective video marketing, experience has shown that this is not the case and a ‘sacrifice’ must always be made.



I hope you found that useful and that I have at least scratched the surface of cost effective video marketing. If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch with me.



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