Place & Time

Date of Project: May 2014

My Role: Director of Photography

Director: Ben Myers

Production Company: MWS Films

IMDB: Click Here

Genre: Feature Film

Production Details

The main idea for the film was the ability of improvised acting. The actors themselves were essentially the scriptwriters who are wrote on the fly. With the directors guidance, each actor developed their own characters backstory, who they are, where they came from and what they are doing. The actors hadn’t met each other and knew nothing about each others character. We as filmmakers put these two characters into a relatively normal situation at an outdoors location and recorded the results for over 90 minutes (approximately). This project was about stripping filmmaking back to very basic component parts, and is entirely about character and dialogue. As well as a unique take on acting and rehearsals, the film also presented a significant technical and aesthetic challenge. It was essentially filmed like a live music event or conference. Covering all of the angles, and all of the variables. The cameras continuously rolled throughout the entire 90 minute experiment. The overall plan is to premiere it with a significant PR push and enter it into the festival circuit, where MWS Films have a strong track record of winning awards.

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